The Automotive Squeaks & Rattles Kit

The Squeaks & Rattles Kit

The Squeaks & Rattles Kit

The Squeaks and Rattles Kit is used by automotive professionals and aftermarket dealerships around the world to eliminate unwanted interior trim noise. All those irritating rattle, squeaking, buzzing, creaking and ticking noises can now be dealt with using the comprehensive collection of products enclosed within this kit.Inside there is a product that caters for the treatment of most material combinations found inside a vehicle - leather, vinyl, various plastics, polished wood, rubber, glass and decorative metals. Dealing with vehicle trim interior noise cannot be done with just one type of product due to the various material combinations, e.g. Leather on plastic, vinyl on wood, leather on leather etc. 

Normally, only one of the surfaces of a material combination that are producing a noise needs to be treated to solve the problem. If unsure of which product to use, test products on spare parts or unseen areas.


The Automotive Squeaks & Rattles Kit is a product supplied by Newgate Simms Limited

What is in the automotive Squeaks & Rattles kit?

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